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  1. awjt

    If you count being a Jew, whose family was exterminated in the gas camps, escaping with your life and a few papers, finding your way to the US, and getting a job in the space program to be "rising from the ashes of Hitler's Germany" then you are one hard case, Hamish. Karl Rove would like to interview you for a position at Fox.

  2. nemomeno

    You haven't got any idea what you are talking about, and are ranting based on some imaginary NASA ungrounded in facts and evidence.

    I was referring to what he did once the war was over.

    NASA. As opposed to the military/DoD side. You are aware that the military has had and still has its own space program, right? Von Braun was actually working for the Army's space program before he moved to NASA.

    NASA does not produce weapons or military technology. The American ICBMs, military satellites, etc. aren't part of NASA, they are run by the DoD.

    A lot. First there's the spin-off tech:

    NASA's work has contributed to advances in health and medicine, transportation, public safety, consumer goods, environmental and agricultural resources, computer technology and industrial productivity. Their scientific contributions through Hubble, Chandra, Voyager, JWST, Mars Rover, etc. are massive, and NASA up to now has been the single most significant modern source of advances in astronomy and space exploration.

    Cutting NASA's budget 100% would have no effect on American imperialism, since the military space program is independent from NASA.

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