Pirated movies shown to prisoners

The Lorain County Correctional Institution shows pirated movies to prisoners, "even as inmates serve time for illegally downloading movies." Richard Humphrey, 22, who was sentenced to the prison for selling pirated copies of movies, said, "How do you expect someone to be rehabilitated when there's authority figures that are running those institutions that are copyright infringing?"

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  1. You don't. Then they'll commit more crimes. so they go back to prison. where the company who runs the prison makes more money.

  2. So the prison officials don't hold themselves to the same laws that that the prisoners are held to?

    I bet those in jail for assault are shocked, just shocked at this turn of events.

  3. I just did a year in Philadelphia. I never watched so many pirated movies in my life. They're played over the entire jail at once---including in the "bubble" where the policia hang out---often movies that were just recently released into theatres. In addition, they constantly played the most violent, crime-glorifying movies in existence, as if they were encouraging recidivism. They played The Wolf of Wall Street before it was in theatres and, get this, there were inmates complaining about the gratuitous adult content (there are lots of pious inmates).

  4. 26, according to the article.

    He had previously done time (where, we don't know) for selling pirated movies. This time around, he was in for violating his parole after pleading guilty to unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

    I know it's tangential to the actual point, and I know that nobody ever likes that one irritating pedant commenter who actually read the article, but is it to much to ask for you guys to read the article before blogging about it?

  5. So if - say - Time-Warner went into the prison business, they could be much more cost-efficient, both subsidiaries feeding eachother. Perpetual motion-picture.

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