Uber launches in Saudi Arabia, where women can't drive

1375301664287.cachedUber, the San Francisco-based smartphone app that links people with cars for hire, today launched in the Saudi capital Riyadh after three months of beta testing. In Saudi Arabia, there is effectively no public transportation, and women aren't allowed to drive. "Many of the regular cabs available in big cities are in poor conditions, with broken meters and foreign drivers who cannot read street signs written in Arabic." More at the WSJ.

Notable Replies

  1. Can women use this service? I didn't think they were allowed out alone in public with out a male escort. Or are they not THAT strict in Saudi Arabia. At this rate Saudis will all be driving in robotic cars before women get the right to drive.

    Seriously though, Middle East. It's 1435 on the Islamic calendar. It's the perfect time for a Renaissance.

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