Pile of "folded" snow

10346630 10152194154138271 1760469058142875994 n Recently in Montrose, Colorado, resident Cathy Hartt noticed snow falling off a slide had folded itself into a neat pile (7News).

Notable Replies

  1. It's a beautiful visual. Just enjoy.

  2. This is not fake. I've seen the same thing happen off of the hood of my car. Snow can do unexpected things when it's just barely above/below the freezing point.

    This is from my backyard a couple of years ago:

    Edit: If this image is super small, just right click and "view image" it. I don't know why the BBS software decided to shrink it down to a 10x10 thumbnail.

  3. I went into my office and sure enough... Nature is amazing.

  4. Why the sneer-quotes? It actually is folded snow.

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