Ballet-dancers' hardest moves in slow-motion

Six dancers from the Washington Ballet were asked to demonstrate the most physically challenging dance-moves in their repertoires; the slow-motion video of the performances yields up an unworldly sort of bullet-time version of these extreme feats of grace.

(via Kottke)

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  1. At a performance of Don Quixote, one of the lead dancers did SEVEN of the second jump in the video in a row, making a big circle. It was one of the most amazing things I've seen. The whole ballet was, actually. They were like human fireworks, performing such awe-inspiring feats of grace and strength in such brief moments that your brain could hardly take note of it.

  2. Seki says:

    Ballet (and figure-skating) gets put down a lot by chauvinists because it is concerned with grace. But the very fact that it is graceful adds so much more challenge. After such moves, the heart is pumping like crazy and there's a huge need for oxygen, yet the dancers have to rein it all in and remain absolutely poised. They don't get a chance to collapse on the side-bench panting loudly, dousing themselves with their water bottle.

  3. I was raised going to the ballet, and I am in absolute awe of what they can do. As Seki says, after they do these amazing things, they have to remain poised and cool. The only downside is that it makes me realized that I am, essentially, a big bag of fat and starch. Thanks a lot, ballet dancers!

  4. I practiced martial arts for many years, and gained a massive appreciation for ballet dancers. They're like, martial arts to the nth degree.

    And the most wonderful kiss of my life came from a dancer at the English National Ballet in London. She kissed me on the cheek, and was gone. Fluttering I believe, to this day.

  5. In college I took a year of ballet and modern dance. I got teased for it. I said, 'I'm the only straight guy in a room with 20 women wearing leotards while they are jumping up and down. How is this stupid?"

    There was one woman in one of my latter classes who had a stunning figure and very graceful. She was too young for me and not really the right personality fit. But I wrote her a note before I graduated to say just how much I admired her gracefulness in the class. I didn't want to date her, I just wanted her to know.
    Maybe it was creepy, I hope not, I didn't pursue her or stalk her just wanted to say more than. "Nice routine"

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