Armed, masked Russian separatists seize "decadent" hackspace in Donetsk, Ukraine

The Izolyatsia makerspace in Donetsk, Ukraine, has been seized by armed, masked Russian separatists from the Donetsk People's Republic, who denounced it as "decadent" and accused it of being "an American-funded anti-Russian organisation which supports fascism and develops decadent kind of arts." Izolyatsia is the first hackerspace to be occupied by an armed militia.

In an e-mail, Izolyatsia’s founding member Mykhailo Glubokyi told euronews that more than a dozen armed activists seized the building on Monday morning, “one of them was equipped with a sniper rifle, others with Kalashnikovs.”

No blood was shed during the capture, because Izolyatsia wasn’t hosting any exhibition or events at the time and “[the DPR] gave us a call on Sunday to let us know about their plans.”

A day later, the situation around the captured building remains tense. “Most of the armed people left, only couple of people stayed to “control territory,”“ Glubokyi told euronews. “Meanwhile DPR-loyal media have started a campaign saying that Izolyatsia is an American-funded anti-Russian organisation which supports fascism and develops decadent kind of arts.”

The DPR said “the Red Cross is sending humanitarian aid especially for [them]” and thus they need storage space. But “one of the DPR leaders, Roman Lyagin, is an old friend of ours, he has been visiting our events, communicated with our employees a lot, so we think that there is some kind of ideological basis behind” this capture. For Glubokyi, there is little doubt they were being deliberately targeted, saying “Donetsk is an industrial place, it has lots of warehouses and factories located in more convenient places.”

Armed pro-Russian separatists seize “decadent” cultural centre in Donetsk [Thomas Seymat/Euronews]

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  1. Wait... Aren't the fascists the ones who are supposed to be concerned about decadent arts?

    Also, while hardware hacking isn't exactly People's Glorious Nonferrious Metal Smelter Conglomerate #3, aren't the 'decadent arts' supposed to be slightly more...impractical? Non-representational modernist stuff and whatnot?

  2. Sadly, armed mobs are not in the habit of letting logic and reason spoil their fun.

  3. Down with the decadent means of production!

  4. Have you seen what people are doing with their 3D printers?????

    ...almost makes me want to take up arms.....

  5. On a side note, are we going to have to revise Godwin's law to include discussions of politics with something like:
    "The length of a comment thread increases, the probability of a accusation of political astro-turfing approachs

    I don't see how accusations of astroturfing within threads should be lumped in with Godwinning a thread. Unlike Godwinning, there's plenty of legitimate reasons to question obvious shilling and astroturfing within threads all over the Internet. Godwinning is taking an issue that has nothing to do with the Third Reich and injecting Hitler into it and poisoning threads.

    Calling out shills is a healthy behavior and a public service when it's done correctly, however. Like any behavior, it can certainly be abused and garner false positives, but please don't falsely equate it to Godwinning which is always inappropriate.

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