Moscow Marge stars as "Vladimir Putin's Special Envoy to the United States Congress"

Sick of her traitorous antics, a colleague has nominated Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia's shameful waste of a seat in Congress, for the role of "Vladimir Putin's Special Envoy to the United States Congress."

Representative Jared Moscowitz (D) from Florida has filed an amendment to the Ukraine bill intended to shame Marge for her endless support of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. While it appears that Congressperson Greene is doing this to curry favor with Donald Trump, maybe she has a direct line with the Kremlin. I can see her putting on a tin foil cap and thinking real hard at the Russian President.

Axios reporter Andrew Solender has flagged an amendment that Moskowitz filed that would make Greene the official representative of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the United States.

"Whereas… Greene has repeatedly attempted to block aid to Ukraine, empowering Vladimir Putin's unlawful violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity," the amendment reads. "Whereas… Greene has reposed information from the Strategic Culture Foundation, a Russian based disinformation and propaganda channel… It is the sense of Congress that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) should be appointed Vladimir Putin's Special Envoy to the United States Congress."