Kremlin Krazy: Marjorie Taylor Greene tweet is straight from Putin's propaganda playbook

When GOP leaders tried pushing more Ukraine aid through the House, Moscow's loudest MAGA mouthpiece, Marjorie Taylor Greene, tossed an extremely suspect word salad demanding Kyiv roll over for Putin's oppressive ethnic policies before getting a cent.

As Politico reported, MTG's noxious amendment said: "No funding shall be made available to Ukraine unless restrictions on ethnic minorities', including Hungarians in Transcarpathia, right to use their native languages in schools are lifted."

From 2 Paragraphs:

'Transcarpathian' is an English term describing Zakarpattia Oblast, a region in western Ukraine that borders Hungary. Hungarians living in Ukraine (12.1% of the the Transcarpathian population is Hungarian) have criticized Ukraine's 2017 education law which makes Ukrainian the required language of study in state schools.

That ultra-specific "Transcarpathia" reference raised red flags for political pundit "Jay in Kyiv", who blasted it as "such a nuanced Russian disinfo narrative that it could have only come directly from her Russian handlers."

Tom Nichols, staff writer for The Atlantic and a political scientist, replied to Jay in Kyiv by tweeting: "I've been pretty hard over on dissuading people from thinking that dumb and odious people like MTG are knowing Russian assets, and that they're mostly performance artists. But yes, someone on her staff (or some other Republican staff) had to cough up 'Transcarpathian.'"

It would be wrong to outright accuse Georgia's rottenest peach of being a traitorous Russophile parrot squawking Putin's lies. But as the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's probably a dumpster fire of anti-democratic Trump toadies working to undermine American values and sabotage its Ukrainian allies.

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