Moscow Marge blasts her American colleagues — both Democrats and Republicans: "I seriously hate them" (video)

Moscow Marge blasted her U.S. colleagues, shouting she "seriously hates" everyone — both Democrats and Republicans — who doesn't support Russia's dictator Vladimir Putin.

"This whole thing is the most repultsive [sic], disgusting thing happening," an outraged Marjorie Taylor Greene said on Steve Bannon's podcast, referring to the Senate-passed Ukraine aid package that Democratic and centrist Republican lawmakers support. "And I absolutely hate everybody here that is doing this. I mean, I seriously hate them for doing this to the American people."

She then sided again with Putin, vapidly claiming that "Vladimir Putin has not said he wants to go march across Europe and take Europe." Oh sure. And if her word is as good as the fascist dictator's — like the time in 2022 when his Russian Defense Ministry claimed that invading Ukraine would pose "no threat to civilian population" — what the hell is this Putin puppet doing on American soil? (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)