Illinois State Cops blew $250K on "terrorist-catching" Stingray surveillance gadgets

Michael says, "New documents released on MuckRock show the Illinois State Police crying "Terrorist" in order to get funding and approval for a $250,000 Stingray cell snooping system, even though, as Mike Masnick at Techdirt notes, the technology is being used to fight regular crime. The terms of service on the device actually prevent officers from seeking a warrant to use it. MuckRock currently has a crowdfunding campaign to fund similar requests across the country."

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  1. I know there are public databases available of legitimate cel towers. Surely there must be a way of loading that information onto my cell phone, and running some sort of app to determine if my phone is shaking hands with a stingray instead?

    I'd love to hear someone with more technical knowledge talk about a workaround for this security hole.

  2. The diction needs fixing, but the pic is a still from Blues Brothers.

  3. Given what Harris was charging back in 2008, $250k may have gone a surprisingly short way, though further than one would want.

    "Cable Assembly PC/USB" Get 6 feet for only $196 dollars, or double your value with incredible savings on 12 feet for only 24 dollars more!

    Enjoy the advantages of single-vendor procurement by buying a Dell D630 laptop computer ($1,900 price for CNET's 2007 review, current value $40-50) from us for only $3,500. If you aren't some wussy little office drone, spring for the Toughbook for only 3,000 more!

    Once you get to the devices themselves, the 'Stingray I' is $75,000, the 'Stingray II', 4 channel, is $148,000. Additional software packages for either start at $20,000 and range up to $50,000 for GSM intercept...

    I assume that prices have changed, and that some of this stuff is largely fiction, basically used to provide a plausible looking bit of paperwork to 'document' the "Well, how much does it cost? Hmm... How much did the DHS give you?" 'negotiation' process; but unless they got quite some discount, $250k will outfit surprisingly few people.

  4. They caught all the terrorists though, right?


  5. How would you classify a clandestine group that breaks into houses in the middle of the night, burns babies, and kills good Samaritans?

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