Folding, 90 micron-thick blankets that fit in your pocket

Matador pocket-blankets are 90-micron-thick nylon blankets with weighted corners to keep them from blowing away and stitched fold-lines for easy refolding.

They're puncture-resistant and water-shedding, and fold up to the size of a couple packs of cards. They come in 44"x55" ($25) and 44"x28" ($20), and have a one-year warranty. No information on the overall weight, but I'm guessing they're gossamer-light. They're hand-wash and quick air-drying.

This stuff is catnip for me, the kind of thing that takes an effort of will to resist buying straightaway and adding to my travel-bag. Certainly, this'd be great for walks in the countryside or the beach and impromptu picnicking while on errands (especially with kids).

Matador pocket-blankets (via Ohgizmo)

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  1. From the link:

    Matador is made from HyprLyte Nylon.  
    At less than 90 microns thick, this hi-tech fabric is designed to maximize portability without sacrificing durability.

    It seems to be more about having something to sit or lie on than something for warmth. If you did need to wrap it around you, I would guess it functions like a very light windbreaker jacket: keeps you "warm" by blocking the breeze.

  2. So where's the world sales? Hate these "US-Only" things.

  3. If you need a super-compact blanket that keeps you warm you can always get one of those foil emergency thermal blankets, but they're not much good for a comfortable night's sleep. I used one on a backpacking trip once when my sleeping bag proved insufficient for the cold nights; it did its job but it made crinkly sounds at the slightest movement.

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