A Formula for Inequity, Told in Four Generations

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Lucky Ducky and Hollingsworth Hound, and their forebears, demonstrate that r is indeed > g.

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Published 5:45 am Wed, Jul 9, 2014

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Comixology adds DRM-free option! Excelsior!

Unlike some of its stablemates, the Amazon-owned comics platform is to allow authors and publishers to distribute their work without the shackles of proprietary rights-management, writes Cory Doctorow

Alien Autopsy: William Barker on Schwa, two decades later

Twenty years ago, William Barker's Schwa artwork revealed a world of alien abductions, stick figure insanity, conspiratorial crazy, and a hyper-branded surveillance state. It's now more relevant than ever.

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