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pilot-pensMy sister is in town and she brought with her a 7-pack of Pilot Varsity fountain pens. Each one is a different color. I tried them out and love them. The ink flows smoothly and looks great in my notebook and even on cheap printer paper. Amazon sells the seven pack for $14, and you can buy 3-packs and single pens there, too. Pilot Varsity fountain pens, 7-Pack

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  1. This was my gateway drug to fountain pens. They are a reasonable value for the cost, which is only improved by the fact that you can refill them by removing the nib/bung cartridge from the pen with a pair of pliers and refill them as many times as you want. Fountain pen ink is cheap and lasts fooooreeeeveeer.

  2. Lowest price is 30 quid, including postage. Still three times the price (you can't get it post free as it's not shipped by Amazon).

  3. meh, what can i say? a lot of things priced as $X in the US are priced as £X in the UK. other things are priced closer to the correct exchange. i have no idea why.

  4. They also do a 0.3.

    I have some of the Bic disposable fountain pens and am happy enough with them. Caps can crack and have problems staying on (I use tape when this happens to "fix" the cap)

  5. BoingBoing is directly responsible for my obsession with fountain pens, I'll have you know. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

    A coworker gave me a Varsity. I very promptly lost it (not on purpose) but before I lost it I did try it out. Fountain pens on crappy paper tend to feather heavily but the flow on a Varsity is over the top enough that I found it more or less unusable. That gift saved me a lot of wasted effort because I had given some thought to buying some and using the dropper method to throw in some of my favorite inks.

    I wouldn't say there's no such thing as a worthwhile $5 pen but for a little bit more you can get a much more solid pen that will, theoretically anyway, last you long enough to recoup the extra money spent buying one pen rather than a bunch of cheap ones.

    If you're looking for a ~$20 pen, I can't possibly overstate how much I enjoy my Ohto Dude (throw in a Monteverde 31076 converter and you're up to about $30 but, for me, it was totally worth it). I feel it writes a bit thick for a Fine but it makes a nice contrast to my Lamy Safari EF.

    If you really want a Pilot or don't like the Dude for whatever reason, Pilot's Metropolitan is a really solid line with nigh endless options so you can get one that fits your tastes pretty easily. I just don't like the converter it comes with. Find myself refilling it what feels like constantly. It is, however, less expensive than the Ohto while not feeling cheap at all. It's a really nice inexpensive pen. I just hate aerometric converters apparently.

    On my next order, I'm going to do my best to find a piston converter for the Metro. weary

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