Pilot Varsity - low cost, smooth writing fountain pen

About five years ago my sister introduced me to these Pilot Varsity fountain pens. You can buy them in an inexpensive pack of seven. Each pen is in a different color. The ink flows smoothly and looks great in my notebook and even on cheap printer paper. Read the rest

The Moonman clear acrylic demonstrator looks good and writes well

This Moonman clear demonstrator is my showy fountain pen with a lot of crazy colored ink of choice.

A few years back I bought a TWBSI Eco. I enjoyed using it and it became my black/red ink pen of choice. A color I used to use a lot of. I wanted another pen to fill up with some of the neat colors I've acquired over the last few years. The Moonman C1 is a great choice.

The tank is huge and it looks really cool when filled with a teal or something crazy like Noodler's Rome Burning. I also enjoy that I can fill the huge tank and write all day without fear of running out.

I enjoy living with out wonder as to ink level. My checking my beloved DuoFold involved inky fingertips.

The fine nib writes like a fine nib and flows ink pretty well. The Rome Burning is pretty soupy and can gum things up. I ran about 1/3rd a tank of it thru the pen and I didn not have a problem. You can unscrew the nib so I am going to assume there are lots of medium, bent and other nibs available. It looks an awful lot like the nib on my TWBSI, but I do not have the pen handy to check.

Moonman C1 Fountain Pen, Transparent Clear Acrylic Demonstrator, Fine Nib Gift Writing Pen Case Set via Amazon Read the rest

Pilot "V" disposable fountain pens travel well

Every year or so I buy another 5 pack of these Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pens.

I keep these in my travel bag. Unlike refillable fountain pens, of which I have far too many, these do not dry out if forgotten in the pocket of a jacket. They do not leak when airplane cabins pressurize. My hands stay clean and lack the telltale mark of ink on my middle finger that fountain pen travel usually engenders.

They write just fine.

Pilot V Pen (Varsity) Disposable Fountain Pens, Black Ink, Small Point Value Set of 5 via Amazon Read the rest

I tried a reader recommended $31 fountain pen

Reader Longname, via the Boing Boing BBS, suggested I try the TWSBI ECO. This $31 stainless steel nibbed fountain pen looks cool and is perfectly functional. Read the rest

Some more flavors of Noodler's Ink

I prefer Noodler's ink, and they have so many varieties I never seem to run out of new ones to try. Depending on what I'm writing, or who I am writing to, I like to change my ink and pen kinda frequently. Read the rest

Doane Paper: Grids + Lines for note taking with a fountain pen

Doane Paper makes wonderful pocket-sized notebooks with paper that is fantastically compatible with fountain pens.

I absolutely love my Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks, but they are big and rigid. These 5"x7" Doane Paper pads have similarly awesome paper, and fit in casual clothes pockets, if you need small they also make 3"x5".

The paper is slightly off-white and is quadruled with a light blue. My Levenger, Pilot and Parker's all glide over the paper very smoothly, tho the Pilot Vanishing point definetly shows its "travel-ness" when compared to the Duo-fold. Ink gets absorbed quickly and only slightly bleeds through unless I write with a heavy hand. I tried various Noodlers and Parker Quink black. Noodler's Blue Nose Bear is almost the same color as the grid lines.

Doane Paper Large Utility Edition, 3-Pack Grid + Lines Memo Notebooks via Amazon Read the rest

J. Herbin fountain pen cleaning solution

I far too frequently let ink dry inside one of my treasured pens. When simply flushing with hot water won't clear them, I use this cleaning solution.

Simply draw some solution into the pen as you normally would ink. Shake it around and then let sit for 5-10 minutes. Flush the pen out several times with warm water, and you are back to an evenly flowing pen.

A good practice is to run warm water through the pen between fill ups. I often forget.

J. Herbin Fountain Pen Cleaning Solution 15Ml via Amazon Read the rest

Noodler's Heart of Darkness, super-black ink

I've become a fan of Noodler's Heart of Darkness. This ink is blacker than black. Read the rest