Headboard made from books

Kassandra bought the books at thrift shops and nailed them in place, double-sided taping the top pages to keep them in place.

7. When securing the books I used small nails, I left 2-4 pages free above the ones I nailed down. I started with the second row from the top as this would give me a nice straight line to work with. Next I nailed down the top row and then moved my way down from there. If you are using two boards of wood rather than one make sure that you use sturdy books where the join is and add some extra nails.

8. Once all the books are secured you can move the headboard into place – you will need two people for this! Now those loose pages need to be secured. Using double sided table stick down the top pages. If there are pages that lay fairly flat you may want to leave a few loose. To create the illusion of how a book would look if it were just sitting open on a table stick the pages so a bump is created. Be creative with how you secure the pages, you don’t want every book to look the same. However the bottom row of books should have the pages secured as flat as possible so that they do not get caught on pillows or sheets.

DIY Book Headboard (via That Book Smell)

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  1. And after all the trouble the government went to in placing stringent regulations on making mattresses fire-resistant!

  2. Build
    a wall
    of books
    between us in our bed.

  3. I'd like to see the same thing but with the pages animated somehow, rather than immobilized. Maybe small fans blowing in alternating directions or something like that.

  4. [furniture] made from [repurposed objects] = kitsch. Just because your style is minimal/modernist, it doesn't mean you have good taste

  5. ...either wink

    I mean no offense, it just seems like what you said is a truism. Other people have.... other tastes. Whatever their style, it doesn't mean.... anything. It's style. Style doesn't mean anything.... objectively.

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