Social Justice Warrior (and more) badges

Sick of being called a social justice warrior? Correct the record with a pin declaring your Social Justice character class (Wizard/Ranger/Warrior/Cleric/Bard/Rogue).

Sarah 'Chip' Nixon will be selling them $2/each or $10/set at Geekgirlcon in Seattle next weekend, with proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

Social Justice Class Pins Are Things You Can Buy Now [Victoria McNally/The Mary Sue]

Notable Replies

  1. Social justice warrior needs food badly!

  2. Thought this was about new BBS badges. frowning

  3. Oi- stop thin-shaming. Xe is an independent being with agency, and doesn't need to be told when to eat.


  4. Is "Social Justice Dwarf" politically incorrect or just D&D First Edition?

  5. jerwin says:

    There's a second Edition?

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