Half a million people are playing a game on Reddit called the button


There's a button on this Reddit page. If any of the 492,558 participants (and rising) presses it, the timer gets reset to 60 seconds and the game starts over. You can only press the button once. I've seen the timer go as low as 55 seconds before someone presses it, which is impressive.

Question: ...But what exactly is the button?

Answer: It is simply an experiment to see how long it takes before someone pushes the button. The timer resets itself to 60.00 seconds when someone, including you, pushes the button. We have not seen it go down to 0000 yet. So don't do it! Fight the urges! Don't be a weakling like me! Reddit won't explode, I swear.

This is the only strategy I can come up with, guys. We must all work together and form a mighty faggot! Before you non-pushers judge me for pushing the button, I had no idea what the button did or what it is altogether, and I'm guessing those who are pushing the button right now don't know what it is and does either.

Link: reddit.com/r/thebutton

Notable Replies

  1. Reading about this made me think about, and thus lose, The Game, I suppose. Not that I play it.

  2. How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

  3. mwiik says:

    Oh, it probably just kills someone you will never know

  4. You have 30 days to decided if you want to press The Button. If you do press The Button, you will receive $200,000. But someone you don't know, and have never met, will die. At that point, someone will come to deliver your $200,000, and will pick up The Button. Then The Button will be given to someone else... someone you don't know, and have never met...

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