Javascript is the most popular language at GitHub

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"Based on the historical GitHub Archive and GitHut data starting in 2012, we analyzed the most common developer actions within GitHub and turned it into [these] infographics"

Interesting factoid: four of the top five entries were introduced in 1995, and the other (CSS) in 1996.

The Most Popular Programming Languages in to GitHub Since 2012 [loggly]

Notable Replies

  1. I feel a little sorry for Perl, but not that much.

  2. Interesting, but popular isn't the same as fit for purpose. I'd love to know what the code is for.

  3. Javascript? Filthy casuals.

    Real programmers flip dipswitches with a toothpick held between their teeth.

  4. Full-stack javascript FTW

  5. Yeah, but it's popular the way Becky is popular. Nobody actually likes her.

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