Behind the Screens: what the computer code seen in movies and TV shows actually does

When movies and TV shows call for computer code to be shown on-screen, sometimes the film-makers bother to make it look realistic. In doing so, fascination lurks. In Behind the Screens, John Graham-Cumming takes a gloriously in-depth look at specific examples and what the code does. Some of them are copied-and-pasted samples from manuals or what-have-you. Sometimes it's amusing in context, like The Terminator running on code from Nibble Magazine. And, sometimes, rarely, the code is specific and relevant to the story. And then there's Westworld '73, where the computer systems are seen to show some of the code that generated the machine vision CGI used in the movie—the first CGI movie code featured in the first movie with CGI.

This all calls for a chart! Axes for clarity, credibility, and coolness.

P.S. I was going to commend Graham-Cumming for paying to host the videos on Cloudflare instead of putting it on YouTube. It turns out he is the CTO of Cloudflare.