Cube-shaped dogs were all the rage at the Tokyo dog show in Japan


Like dogs stepping right out of a Minecraft realm, these boxy canine cube cuts were the trend this year at a Tokyo dog show. Grooming has never been so fashion-forward!





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Notable Replies

  1. This minecraft craze is out of control.

  2. Ratel says:

    The natural progression from Bonzai Kittens.

  3. The story is at least half wrong, and is probably bogus.

    The Daily Mail covered this in late April. They showed some of the photos posted here and said that this was a practice in Taiwan:

    I'm still looking into it but the Daily Mail connection makes me inclined to call BS.

  4. This is actually due to the Japanese Kei-class dog regulations. For space and environmental considerations, dogs must be shaped to fit into small spaces with as little wasteage as possible, to qualify for cheaper licensing and insurance rates.

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