This is the world's largest musical instrument

The Wanamaker Organ, inside a Philadelphia, PA Macy's, is the world's largest working musical instrument.

The Wanamaker Grand Court Organ at Macy’s is a 7-story-high contraption bigger than most people’s houses, even rich people’s. The vast maze of 26,677 pipes and baffles and bellows and wires and wooden stairways lies hidden behind what many of us have always thought was the Wanamaker Organ.

(YouTube/Philadelphia Daily News, via Digg)


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  1. Old says:

    That's a huge organ!

  2. Anyone else immediately reminded of the UU's Organ from Terry Pratchett's books? smiley
    I wonder if this one has an earthquake pipe or a whole selection of animal noises...

  3. Why did JS Bach have 21 kids? Because his organ had no stops.

  4. I could talk your ear off about pipe organs. When I was 17-21 me and a friend would would impersonate, cajole, smooth talk our way into churches to play their organs. My friend Jeff got his doctorate in pipe organ performance a few months ago. It still tickles me to see him at the top of Google image search when I look for him.

    There is Sooo much great music for the instrument, but I will leave you with this. A well known fugue from Bach.

    Notice how his fingers are curled up like a claw? That is because the keys are more like buttons than piano keys. Notice how the video looks out of sync? That is because the pipes are far away, and take time to hear.

    It is a wonderfully challenging instrument.

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