Canadians: you can register to vote at the polls

Elections Canada has made an awful mess of voter registration this cycle, mailing cards to old addresses and providing incorrect information about where your polling place is. But don't despair! Although Elections Canada would prefer that you register to vote before going to the polls, you can just show up at an advance poll, or a polling place on election day, with ID, and register to vote on the spot.

 A few things to consider:

HOW TO VOTE [Be the Vote]

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  1. Amazing how easy voting is, if you don't have major blocks of voters to suppress.

  2. "* Do you want to vote right now? You can! Head to an Elections Canada office with proper ID."

    Why can't we do this in the USA?

  3. It's only oppressive if it's burdensome to get one. Some people try to lighten the burden - some are working to make it harder.

  4. That's how it always was in Wisconsin - same day registration at the poll. However, given the current climate there, I doubt that it is true anymore.

    Edit: they still have election day registration
    or at the polling place on Election Day.

    First time registration

  5. Because up here in Canada we have a single organization that is responsible for organizing our national election. Sure this election hasn't been their finest hour (although it is something less then 1% of voter information cards that have wrong information on them) but still, every ballot in the country is in the same format, everyone votes under the same rules. I remember when I learned this wasn't true in the United States, during the whole hanging chad fiasco, I was stunned.

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