Master your DSLR with this photography training bundle now only $29 in the Boing Boing Store

Explore the world of photography with this amazing two-course bundle. In just 30 hours of video instruction, you'll absorb both beginner and advanced techniques that'll take your skills on the fast road to a professional level!

Become an expert photographer today with this bundle now only $29 in the Boing Boing Store.

Below is a breakdown of the 2 courses included: 

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  1. The equivalent of a five-year university degree can now be yours in only 60 hours!*

    *(Diploma not included)

  2. Japhroaigs School of Photography

    • Aim whatever you have at something
    • Make sure your feet or a cat is in the shot
    • Arch your eyebrow
    • Jump around while you take the shot

    There, I just saved you $29.

  3. If anyone's looking to get better at shooting with their DSLR and save $29, I have two pieces of advice. First, read the manual that came with your camera. It explains the important things. Second, take a bunch of pictures, then look at them, think about what would have helped improve it, and try similar shots to see if that helps. Third (one bonus tip free with this comment) think about the lighting, good vs bad lighting is the biggie.

  4. Get a tripod
    Use the word 'bokeh' all the time
    Buy $20,000 in gear
    Criticize other people's photos a lot - "seen that" is always perfect
    Tell everyone you only shoot prime (hide the zoom if anyone's looking)
    Tell anyone using a camera phone they're not real photographers
    Slag Ansel Adams
    Write about photography more than you take pictures

    You are now a master.


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