Freedom: a #blacklivesmatter anthem

Evan writes, "Puerta Rican singer Taina Asili has released a new music video, 'Freedom,' that's a perfect anthem for the #BlackLivesMatter movement that illuminates the connections between police violence and mass incarceration. The scene opens as a black woman narrowly escapes arrest at a protest, and then follows her as she evades police, interspersed with images of the same actress portraying a runaway slave on the underground railroad."

"Every successful movement for social change has had music and culture baked into it. This is exactly the type of music our generation needs as we work to address the many issues facing our society. Thanks, Taina! (You may remember her from fronting the punk band Anti-Product if you were into political punk in the 90s!)"

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  1. tekk says:

    Actually it's interesting because it all feeds back into itself. Because people of color are more likely to be apprehended and prosecuted, that means that there are probably more white people who got away with it because of that. I think I did read somewhere that people of color are more likely to be wrongly convicted as well, so yes, in that sense a larger portion of them probably didn't commit crimes.

  2. Hey asshole, how about before stomping in here and spewing shit all over the place, you do a little research?

    tl;dr? Then maybe try this:

    Black lower- and working-class lives matter to the U.S. state capitalist system as the critical raw material for the vast new social and spiritual Death Row that is the modern U.S. prison-industrial complex.

  3. When did it become normal to completely and utterly misstate the goals of a protest movement?

    No, you're just not getting the willful ignorance you're spouting here.

  4. "Hey, maybe police should be stopping white drivers for no reason too, and arresting them if they talk back. Maybe we should also take every white middle-class teen that dares to smoke a joint and throw them into the prison-industrial complex for decades with no chance at an education or career, rent them out as cheap labor, and then leave them with a record that ensures they'll never go anywhere in society again. Freedom! #blacklivesmatter."

    Not all our laws have proportionate punishments, and believe it or not, there is good reason to believe the ones that are selectively applied to minorities tend not to. And by "believe it or not" I meant that instead of assuming that punishing criminals is always fair, read the damn links handed to you.

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