Brianna Wu pwns a misogynist troll

When a prick on Twitter attacked Gamergate arch-nemesis Brianna Wu's game dev credentials, sneering that her latest game looked "like something that would've been shitcanned on the ps1," Wu proceeded to shred the fool with a masterclass in the technical capabilities of the PS1 and their relationship to Revolution 60, Wu's new game.

Female Video Game Developer Snaps at Twitter Troll, Results Are Fantastic [Mike Dever/Vice]

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  1. Saying it looks like a weird 90s CGI doesn't really help her argument, the PS1 was a 90s device.

    I'm having a difficult time automatically associating "Your game looks like crap" with "MISOGYNY!!!!!111!!!1"

    I'm not saying it can't be, but no one's work is above reproach.

  2. I don't think that was the original commentator's point. I don't think they meant to say that the new game COULD actually run on the old hardware. It is that something looks so bad that it looks like one could make something similar on the old hardware. That you had all the extra power, technology, and textures, and that is the best you could come up with.

    Of course some times this is done on purpose to emulate 8 or 16 bit games or an older feel.

    For the record, I have no opinion on this game, as I haven't seen more than a single screen capture nor am I defending the commentators comments, which were at best rude.

  3. Context. Have you heard of B. Wu before?

  4. Before writing 5 paragraphs in defense of a hypothetical straw argument of your own making, it's at least a good idea to check out who you are defending.

  5. It seems like there is a lot of concern from people who think, "I could be this guy" or "Anyone could be this guy." So I'm just going to admit it: literally anyone who decides to tweet at a female game developer to tell her how worthless he thinks she is and how bad her game is is in danger of being labelled misogynist.

    When I was in first year computer science, they would tell us in our classes how to contest the marking of something, but it would come with a warning. If you have something marked wrong and it's right, make your case, maybe the person marking it read it wrong. But if you were wrong and you disagree with how many marks you lost for being wrong, do not contest the mark. How bad a mistake you made is up to them, and you could just as easily lose more marks as gain some.

    So here's the deal, if you want to be a giant asshole on twitter, you don't get to decide what kind of asshole other people think you are. Maybe I think this guy is misogynist, or maybe I think he's just a misanthrope. Maybe I think this guy is making this complaint because he's angry about his own lack of success as a game dev, or his own lack of success in general. Maybe I think he doesn't even care and he's just being nasty for the sake of being nasty. Once you decide to be an asshole, you lose control of the narrative of just what kind of asshole you are. If you don't want to be thought of as misogynst, find some way of expressing your opinion without being an asshole about it.

    Or, you know, have an opinion and don't feel the need to shout it at the developer on twitter. Maybe talk to your friends about your feelings instead of a stranger. Oh wait, this guy doesn't have any friends (or at least I'm free draw that inference if I choose).

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