Crazed heavy-metal drummer accompanies "I'm a Little Teapot" and many, many others

Joey Muha is a heavy metal drummer of enormous skill and verve and long, beautiful flowing locks who has filled his Youtube channel with dozens and dozens of videos of him drumming along to songs that don't, at first blush, lend themselves to heavy metal percussion. But he proves conclusively that heavy metal drumming makes all music better.

Muha, a Canadian from Port Dover, Ontario, plays with bands like Threat Signal and Jungle Rot, but as a soloist, he shines.

Below, some of my favorite moments from Muha's channel, which made me very happy indeed.

Under the Sea

Oompa Loompa song

You Are My Sunshine

My Little Pony

Peppa Pig

Joey Muha [Youtube]

(via Geekologie)

Notable Replies

  1. Too bad my dad died. He'd love this.

  2. Joey - You rule! If only we could all be this passionate & creative with whatever we love to do most.

    Christ, what a pearl!

  3. Dave Lombardo (original drummer for Slayer) released an album of him playing along to Vivaldi back in 1998, too bad there's no video of him performing it though.

  4. Quite possibly one of my all-time favorite vids:

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