Don't be caught dead on any road trip without these essentials

We love road trips done right, and these gadgets have made our lives much easier each time we hit the road:

Urge Basics 4-Port USB-C Car Charger

We think the Urge Basics 4-Port USB-C Car Charger should be on any road trip packing list. It has 4 charging ports, one for your and your passengers' phones (or...each of your four phones). It's also USB-C compatible and features a built-in OHC chip, making it compatible with the newest tech and fast-charging to boot.

Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount

The Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount keeps our phone out of our hands and in our line of sight—helping us avoid all those pesky traffic tickets while still being able to look at the GPS. It attaches to our dashboard and is compatible with all smartphones and GPS devices--convenience at its best.

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  1. actually enabling the use of your shiny distractions a good way to become dead on a road trip?

  2. Don’t be caught dead on any road trip without these essentials

    Yeah, I don't particularly want to be caught dead on any road trip, regardless of the gizmos I'm carrying.

  3. Old says:

  4. The three essentials for any road trip?

    1. Crushing your enemies.
    2. Seeing them driven before you.
    3. Hearing the lam...

    Wait, where are we going?

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