3D photos from 1850s Japan

These 1850s photos of Japan were taken with a stereoscopic camera like the one shown here. The photos were hand-tinted and meant to be viewed with a stereoscope. (A View Master is a stereoscope.) The images here are animated GIFs that blink back and forth between the two photos, giving you the 3D effect without having to use a stereopscope.


Notable Replies

  1. That is amazing, and really gives, well, a unique perspective on history (sorry!).

  2. Wait wait, there is a goof up here...

    Clearly this is a modern photo of god damn hipsters with man buns run through a few instagram filters.

  3. And you'd still HAVE your ViewMaster if you'd listened to your mother, and stopped running around the house while looking into it at those pictures from your star wars.

    ...in the time/space continuum, allowing that ghost on the (stage) left to phase in and out at will...

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