This top-rated productivity app makes PDFs less annoying

Nothing is more frustrating than needing to edit or sign a PDF and not having access to the original document. That’s why PDFpenPRO is a must-have app in our books.

With this extremely useful app, you can merge, markup, and create PDF documents without ever having to convert your PDFs into word processor file formats. Type directly onto PDF forms, convert websites into multi-page PDFs with working hyperlinks, even edit the table of contents.

Best of all, you can then easily export your file in Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF Archive formats. It may seem simple, but this app will save you extreme amounts of time and frustration. It comes highly recommended and reviewed by Mac app specialists, and is currently 50% off in the Boing Boing Store.

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Notable Replies

  1. My annoyance with PDFs has to do with how many people don't understand how to create them in the first place, so I get attachments in probably a dozen different software programs (not all of which I own, or particularly want running just so I can read one stupid page of text) which I then helpfully convert to PDFs and send back to them.

    Let's get most adults out of cyber-kindergarten before we start worrying about having them create high school research papers.

  2. Aren't all these functions already part of the that comes with every installation of OSX? And most other free cross-platform PDF readers?

  3. Everyone should do like they do where I work. Print it out, sign in, scan it, email it.

    (Which, though I hate doing that, is oftentimes faster than the alternatives.)

  4. I wouldn't call converting anything I sent you to a pdf "helpful". My biggest complaint with pdfs is the DRM they add to documents so you can't edit or sometimes even select text. Especially bad is when people put data that should be in plain text making it utterly useless for any kind of import/export.

    Then there's having to purchase software for the joy of locking up a document.

    If you're just sending a page of text then just send it as a text file!

  5. Or you could just download and install libreoffiice for free, and use libre/draw to open pdfs and edit whatever you want (or insert your scanned sig or whatever) for free.

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