How Lucky Ducky Gets His Loopholes!

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH poor Lucky Ducky gets all the tax breaks!

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Notable Replies

  1. futnuh says:

    Worst Dancing Bug comic ever. Total hit job. So SAD!

  2. Such a nasty cartoonist.

  3. Do ya mean Donald? Daffy is a lot better at enunciation.

    Either of these?


  4. I get the joke, but the cartoon reinforces the myth that the poor pay no taxes. The poor pay payroll tax, state tax (some states), and also the highly regressive sales tax. Right there, you have a higher marginal tax rate than Romney pays, and almost certainly higher than Trump.

  5. I saw it the same way, but also agree with @Boundegar that it perpetuates a misnomer regarding poor and their taxes.

    I find it awful I find myself explaining to people in daily life that one of the primary issues with our tax codes and the loopholes is that if folks like Romney who "earn" $10,000,000 a year pay 30% he still has $7,000,000 in hand. The poor schlub earning $30,000 pays 30% has only $21,000. That hit is MONSTROUSLY debilitating.

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