A database of professors who've traumatized the right's pampered little Special Snowflakes

Since last spring, the "Professor Watchlist" has allowed right-wing students at American universities to anonymously blacklist the professors "who discriminate against conservative students, promote anti-American values, and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom."

The petty grievances of the easily traumatized "conservative" students are hilarious in their fragility: there's the Constitutional Law prof who criticized Scalia’s dissent in the Obergefell decision is "a threat to American democracy"; there's a biology prof who made fun of Creationism; another biologist who made a joke about shooting students who corrected his equations during his lectures -- an endless cascade of whining by conservatives who can't get through a day of classes without needing a safe space where they won't encounter any contradictory ideas.

But this grudge-list takes on a more sinister aspect in the contemporary political climate, ruled by a man who nursed a grudge about a joke in Spy magazine for decades, who boasts about "getting even" with his detractors, and who demands deference above all other virtues.

Professor Watchlist [Turning Point USA]

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  1. Damn, yeah. Last year my comment would have been "Ha-Ha, also known as the cool professors list, or something something wear it like a badge of honor" but yeah, all lists have gotten a bit chilling.

    I searched for my alma mater, which should have just been bulk uploaded, if they knew what they were doing, but it wasn't even on the list. My professor for Black Thought: Beyond a Boundary (syllabus: Franz Fanon, Aime Cesaire, Malcom X, et. al.) made me break into a sweat by the end of every class (the best sweats, exactly the kind of sweating out a little white mama's boy from Maine needed...)

  2. They had a safe space, it's called the entire world.

    Now we've come along and started taking parts of it away from them, so they are throwing a tantrum about it.

  3. Raoul says:

    So happy that I'm no longer a professor. I always tried to be even-handed, but these guys get offended by established science, so there's no way to teach without "offending" them. Pretty hard to do when your subjects are climate change, early earth history, that kind of thing.

    I di have one student at the University of Colorado tell me that she didn't believe in an earth more than 6000 years old, but she would answer as if it was t keep me happy on my tests. I knew I wasn't going to change her mind at that point, but I told her I appreciated her letting me know. What was nice was that she was polite and reasonable about it.

    It's funny how the right love to point fingers at "safe spaces" and speech codes and they can always find an extreme example from one school or another, but they have played exactly the same game for decades now and in a far more widespread fashion.

  4. History. People fighting for and against the women's suffrage were both convinced they were right. We know who was right now.

    I'll tell you what. I'll instruct my heirs to write, "Complaints about racism and transphobia in university classrooms made more sense than complaints about discrimination against conservative students" on my tombstone. You instruct yours to write, "Complaints about discrimination against conservative students in university classrooms made just as much sense as complaints about racism and transphobia." We'll arrange to be buried next to one another, and two hundred years from now someone walking through the cemetery will have a laugh at one of the stones.

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