You look like you could use a peaceful nature time-lapse video (or 100)

We offer an oasis of serenity for you. Feel free to bookmark this page whenever anxiety surges, or the human race makes you despair.


Here's a series of Michael Shainblum timelapses, and here's his Facebook and Youtube, where you can also watch his craft tutorials. Amazing work!


Videos Below by Michael Shainblum:
• “Among the Ancients - California Timelapse 4K”
• “Into The Atmosphere California Timelapse 4K”
• “Sparks Lake Sunrise Aerial 4K”
• “Milky Way Mountain Moonrise Timelapse Oregon 4K”
• “Yosemite Fog Timelapses”
• “Sparks Lake Sunrise Timelapse 2014”
• “Our World is a Beautiful Place”

Notable Replies

  1. Fog timelapses, fantastic!

  2. Some of Adrienne Barbeau's finest work.

  3. Come the holiday season, there's only one comfort video.

  4. These time-lapse jobbies just remind me of the hustle-bustle Hurry Hurry world we live in today! Go Go Go!

    You want to get real you have to just sit the fuck down and watch the tomato grow. Stare the fuck at it until it gets bigger.

    No Sleeping. If you fall asleep you have to start over.

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