See 46 shots that were cut from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Vashi Nedomansky cut together 46 shots that were seen in the various trailers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story but didn't make the final film.





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  1. I read a bit of an interview with the director, Gareth Edwards, about how different the finished film was compared to the trailers. He essentially said that as they were doing reshoots of the final battle sequences, the marketing folks went through existing footage and chose a bunch of shots to edit into a trailer. He warned them that the vast majority of the shots they'd chosen weren't in his work-in-progress final edit, and they said that's OK, they'll look good as a trailer.

  2. I believe it's called "post-truth advertising", these days.

  3. She beats up the guys rescuing her from the prison transport, acquires a gun through illicit means at a rebel base, more or less tells the rebel alliance to go screw themselves about half a dozen times and eventually leads a splinter group of rebels to steal an impounded Imperial shuttle from the Alliance and embark on a mission that had been expressly rejected by high command.

    But she didn't actually SAY the words "I rebel" in this cut so yeah, I guess she just comes off as a pushover.

  4. They gave us enough info to get the idea, I'm fine without all the gratuitous montage scenes to reinforce what we've already been told. We were able to accept Luke Skywalker as a hotshot pilot without an extended training sequence set in Beggar's Canyon.

  5. If we learned anything from the prequel trilogy it's "additional unnecessary backstory does not a better movie make."

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