2016: Once again, piracy was so bad that the movie industry smashed all box office records

As has been the case for many consecutive years, the movie industry beat all box-office records in 2016, earning $11.4B at the US box office (while simultaneously insisting that piracy was destroying the industry and demanding the right to control and redesign the internet to save itself from this existential threat).

Notable Replies

  1. Well at least they'll have enough money to continue lobbying for things like copyright extensions, use of law enforcement time & resources to go after pirates whilst simultaneously minimizing their tax exposure and getting those lolvely tax breaks etc., which is nice I suppose...

  2. In other news, we can't buy music anywhere these days, because home taping killed the recording industry...

  3. FGD135 says:

    Oh, I remember that!
    I also remember stickers that read "Home fucking kills prostitution".

  4. adonai says:

    One of these years they might even make a net profit too!

  5. True, especially if you use Hollywood Accounting. Then you can choose to always lose money, regardless of the gross revenue, to avoid paying out on net contracts.

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