Enjoy the weird comedy of “I Am Going To Throw My Christmas Tree Into The Ocean”

This short from sketch comedy group Couch Friends almost defies description. Once the holidays are over, Brendan O'Hare and Cory Snearowski get down to the business of getting rid of their Christmas trees.

Notable Replies

  1. And they never noticed they were being filmed...

  2. Cunk says:

    I laughed but was bothered when they headed off in the wrong direction after agreeing to go to the ocean.

    I used to live near the water (harbor, bay, river mouth, whatever it was actually) and would get pissed at everyone who'd just dump their trees on the other side of the low sea wall at the beach. I'm sure in their mind the ocean took care of it (even though the water rarely reached the wall) when really it was some underpaid town worker in a dump truck cleaning up after them.

  3. 3 Chrismases ago, we bought a live tree, in a pot. We used it for one year, and then moved it outside until the next Christmas when we used it again. After the second Christmas, we just planted it in our garden. It was quite nice having a live tree in our house.

    We would have done it again, but we moved to Costa Rica and we used a stuffed cactus as a tree instead.

    New photo by Andrew Eisenberg
  4. Christmas trees are great ways to mark fishing holes in the ice.

  5. Friend of mine once collected eight discarded Christmas trees, and some months later built a menorah with them which he set on fire down at the beach. They burned very quickly : - )

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