Artists pool 6 liters of their blood to make painting protesting Trumpism

Indecline made headlines with a series of naked Trump statues that popped up around the country. Now they are back with Rise Up Thy Young Blood, a project extolling American diversity, created from their blood. Note: if you don't like blood or needles, this video is not be for you.

In January of 2017, in protest of Donald Trump’s forthcoming inauguration, activists, artists, graffiti-writers and musicians donated 6 liters of blood to create a large-scale piece of political artwork. “Rise Up Thy Young Blood” is the largest piece of political blood artwork to date. It was painted by Illma Gore over the course of 6 days on a 10’x15’ paper canvas at the Samuel Freeman Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

Here's a piece on the Trump statues:

Rise Up Thy Young Blood (Vimeo / Indecline)

Notable Replies

  1. At this rate, the NEA is never coming back.

  2. H4Z0 says:

    Bloody good work.

    I'll see myself out.

  3. CTG says:

    Just warn me if they whip up something special for Rick Santorum

  4. Well, Marc Quinn's 'Self', a self-portrait 'created from ten pints of his own blood' sold for $2.8 million not that long ago.

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