In-browser emulator of Mac Plus running Mac OS System 7

Here's a virtual Mac Plus running Mac OS System 7. It's got MacPaint, MacDraw, Kid Pix, and Teach Text.

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  1. Cool. Can it run emulator software of its own? I want to run an Altair 8800 in my Apple //e in my Mac Plus in my Chrome for Windows browser that I run via BootCamp on my MacBook Air.

  2. I dragged the system suitcase into the trash and rebooted. It broke (flashing "?" disk icon). Which means I'm actually really impressed.

  3. IIRC, it wasn't even MacOS back then - just System.

  4. Finally, someone who understands that security through obscurity will work as long as we commit to it.

    --sent from my infinite paper tape running BeOS--

  5. If it can't run Talking Moose I want no part of it.

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