Apple silicon app compatibility guides and Does It Arm are nice simple sites that track whether MacOS apps have been updated to run natively on Apple's own processors, and wether they work under emulation.

I've found that my apps run so well under emulation that it's not a problem (unlike the bad old days of the PPC-to-Intel switchover) but native comes with big performance gains.

My favorite annoyance: Adobe has released an M1-native version of Photoshop, but all the Adobe junkware required to install and run it (such as Creative Cloud and its panoply of memory-resident services and daemons) are still Intel.

If you are interested in buying an M1 Mac but do *not* want to run Rosetta, I would wait a while yet if Adobe or anything dev-related is in your wheelhouse. Affinity Photo is M1 native, but it's not the drop-in Photoshop replacement it often gets touted as, with very much its own way of doing things. The other thing that got me is that Wacom's driver set (or at least their installer) isn't native; my Intuos seems to work fine under emulation.