Jenny Nicholson's "Top 10 Reasons I Won't Do ASMR" ASMR

I get a huge kick out of the videos of the always-entertaining nerd whisperer Jenny Nicholson. If you haven't seen her channel, check it out and watch as she sits on her bed, surrounded by sci-fi plushies, and shares her quirky, sometimes labyrinthine, and often convincing theories and opinions on sci-fi and fantasy films, comic books, novels, and other nerd media fodder.

In her latest video, she answers many requests she's apparently had for doing ASMR videos by explaining ten reasons why her answer is no. But she delivers her ten reason AS an ASMR video, right down to tapping, scratching, and scrunching things as she talks. One of her ten reasons made me laugh out loud:

"I just don't know how I'm supposed to take myself seriously when I'm crinkling bags for an hour."

For those unfamiliar, ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is an intense tingling sensation some people claim they experience when they hear certain soft voices, pleasant repetitive sounds, or while watching someone doing a particularly mundane, repetitive activity.

I'm sure Jenny is going to get a lot of grief from ASMRtists for seemingly making fun of them, but I would hope they'd have a healthy sense of humor about it all. Several commenters who claim to experience ASMR said that they laughed at her reasons for not doing it. I do not have ASMR, but I do enjoy listening to some ASMR audio as I'm going to sleep and I'm fascinated by the whole phenomenon and the numerous, surreal, and just plain bizarre videos people are producing in the genre. An hour of nothing but crinkling bags? Andy Warhol would be so proud.

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  1. Shuck says:

    That was a pretty relaxing video.

  2. Brains are weird! Count me among that subset of humanity that experiences ASMR. I'd take exception to all those caveats and "claims to", but I guess it comes with the (tiny) territory :slight_smile:

    FWIW, most ASMR videos out there are more disturbing to me than anything. I think it's the wet noises of the mouth they can't help but make as they speak that grosses me out.

    My preferred one remains the Holophonic Barbershop, an old audio demo meant to demonstrate the HRTF-based codec Starkey Cetera. Those are real things! And only incidentally related to ASMR. I like to believe that video catalyzed the ASMR scene though, as commentors started popping up about the relaxing effect it had on them.

  3. As someone whose superpower is misophonia, ASMR is like my kryptonite. Hearing those sounds in isolation is liable to make me flip a table. (And the synesthesia and misanthropy don’t help one bit. Blame your sun.)

  4. RHD says:

    I'm pretty sure guided medication would help a lot of us! (:slight_smile:)

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