These SFX makeup removal videos are so satisfying to watch

I find these videos of special effects (SFX) makeup artist "Makeup by Ruthie" so satisfying to watch. While she posts videos showing how she creates various makeup and SFX looks, the ones I find most addicting are the ones where she removes everything. She's posted a playlist of videos where she takes off her SFX makeup, and I can't stop watching them. 

It's so interesting to first see the finished look, and then to watch it all get peeled off, layer by layer. It's a little bit ASMR, and wholly fascinating to see how much work goes into creating SFX makeup–and how little time it takes to destroy all of that work.

To see more, check out "Makeup by Ruthie" on Instagram or TikTok.  


these are my fav videos to make so you guys better not get sick of them or i will be sad #sfxmakeupartist #sfxmakeupremoval

♬ original sound – ruthie