Watch these cool shifting patterns, explained in detail by the creator

This short animated confection exploring patterns is a charming diversion, but the director's notes are a fascinating glimpse into all the work it took:

Some of the patterns definitely screwed with my head and building them was quite tricky. For example, the last one which creates the illusion of a smaller cube on top of the bigger cubes was a pattern that took a lot, and I mean A LOT of iterations! Also, the ones that use mirrored surfaces were a little bit tricky as well. Sometimes I thought I was going to get one result but I got something completely different, so it was a lot of trial and error. There was also a pattern that was creating octagonal shapes out of cubes, and even though on paper the idea worked, when I implemented it in 3D it didn’t work. It took a couple of hours until I figured out that the way this illusion would work was if I changed the viewing angle of the camera. So even though that was a really cool effect I just scrapped it because it would mess with my rule of having a static camera.

I also liked it because it reminded me of Q*bert:

Patterns (Vimeo / decay79 via Animaterra)