Gorgeous 3D-printed cosplay armor that's lit internally, and perfect for female heroes

Melissa Ng wanted to make some cool armor, so she ignored all the guys who told her what women's armor is supposed to look like and spent 518 hours researching, designing and creating this masterpiece.

From her detailed description:

Instead of modeling my figure from scratch, I wanted to save time by using this program I already had called Design Doll, which allows you to easily customize a figure to any specifications. So, I adjusted the Design Doll figure to match the reference photos of the front, back, and side of my body.

Then I imported the model into Blender and fine tuned it with my body measurements. I’m a pretty average size and weight (5’4″, 128 lbs), so this armor would have no trouble fitting someone similar to my size or slimmer than me since the armor would be able to flex and bend around the body.

The end result turned out great!

Making the 3D Printed Sovereign Armor (YouTube / lumecluster via Bored Panda)

Notable Replies

  1. Holy crap, that looks amazing. I want one of those, in miniature. My hat's off to Melissa!

    (Maybe I can make some 3d printed armor to withstand random bannings. That would be nice.)

  2. Melissa, Warrior Princess of Melniboné?

  3. But wearing it, how will Quiet from Metal Gear Solid power her superpowers without all of her skin showing??


  4. That is so awesome! Loved seeing the steps to build it as well. [gush]

  5. Shuck says:

    Every time I see this armor, I'm blown away all over again by how amazing it is. Such a beautiful design that's so well executed. The lights are a great addition as well.

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