Kickstarting safety badges made with engineering-grade reflective film

Tonky (previously) has created a line of "Rydesafe" arty safety buttons made from an engineering-grade reflective film that he's Kickstarting. $5 gets you a button, $14 gets you a kit of four. I'm guessing they'll also dazzle flash-happy paparazzi! Read the rest

One-minute doc on a man's love for thrifted sweaters

Tonky sends us "Sweater Bender : A minutelong film about one Wisconsin man's love of St. Vincent De Paul and of used sweaters."

Sweater Bender (Thanks, Tonky!) Read the rest

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Felt crafts: coasters, placemats, necklaces

Crafter Tonky has produced a lovely xmas line of laser-cut and die-cut felt: sunny-side-up egg placemats, olive-and-pimento coaster, and alphabet wall hangings and necklaces.

Tonky's Holiday FELT-stival (Thanks, Tonky!) Previously:Boing Boing: Giant wall stickers Felt Club this Sunday in LA - Boing Boing Pong felt necklace charm - Boing Boing Armchair made from rucked-up felt - Boing Boing Felt-customized Mario tee - Boing Boing Felt game-inspired xmas ornaments - Boing Boing Yummy felt yakisoba with squid - Boing Boing TED: Felt containers feature cool topology - Boing Boing Read the rest

Giant wall stickers

Tonky sells huge, stylized vinyl wall-stickers featuring giant squids, cows, dino-skeletons, sea-horses, lamp-fish and pigs, in a variety of colors (as well as many other shapes). Link (via Cribcandy) Read the rest