This tool connects pencil stubs together

Photo: Blackwing Pages

The Tsunago pencil sharpener lets you "chain smoke" your pencils by connecting pencil stubs together. The Tsunago ("let's connect") has three blades. One sharpens like a normal pencil sharpener. Another bores a hole in the bottom of one stub. The third makes a plug in the other stub. All you need is a bit of wood glue to keep the pencil pieces stuck together.

Here's some who used the sharpener for a courageous Blackwing pencil rescue.

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Artisanal pencil shop opens in Lower Manhattan


Caroline Weaver likes pencils so much she has a tattoo of a pencil on her arm. Weaver is the owner of the newly opened C. W. Pencil Enterprise, a preciously tiny retail store in Lower Manhattan. From Molly Young's NY Times profile:

The store is organized with the space-saving rigor of a ship’s cabin. Pencils are displayed upright in glass jars labeled with their origin: Japan, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Tennessee. Framed vintage advertisements on the wall depict the likes of Booth Tarkington shilling his favorite pencils. (Tarkington’s advice to young writers: “Use pencils. Write on thick paper. Sharpen two or three dozen rather soft pencils before you work. Use pencils with erasers on them — and use the erasers!”)

The store has an impressive inventory of dead stock (which you can order online). A 1950s era Blackwing 602 runs $60.

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Blackwing Slate journal - notebook with pencil holster

I like my new Blackwing Slate journal, which our friends at sent me to review. The paper has the perfect tooth for a Blackwing pencil, and comes lined or unlined. Best of all, it has a holster for the pencil, which solves the vexing problem of where to stash my pencil.

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I want to thank for sponsoring Boing Boing. You might be aware that I love their Blackwing 602 pencil. Recently introduced a new Blackwing model: the Pearl. I have to say this is my favorite Blackwing yet. The graphite is ever-so-slightly softer than the 602, making a rich dark line with very little pressure. It's perfect!

My daughters swiped the 12-pack of Pearls I ordered, and I had to get another. I'm asking my wife to buy me a gross for my birthday.

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