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Great book covers as animated GIFs


Wonderful literary GIFs by Javier Jensen of Santiago, Chile.

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Music video: “U Guessed It” by OG MACO, psychedelic net-art visuals by Kytten Janae


Kytten Janae, who is one of the most amazing internet visual artists around, has just produced this gorgeous trippy video for ALESIA and EPROM's remix of hip-hop recording artist OC MACO's track “U Guessed It.”

tumblr_nt5431YdYL1qav3uso4_r1_400 tumblr_nt5431YdYL1qav3uso2_r1_400 tumblr_nt5431YdYL1qav3uso1_540

[GIFs via PK. Thanks, Kytten!]

Watch this semi truck jump 160 feet, setting new record


In this video a semi jumps through the air, over half the length of a football field. Nobody dies.

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Gorgeous animated pixel-art depicting everyday Japan


Here's just two of the many beautiful, serene GIF animations depicting life in Japan, by @1041uuu. [via Hacker News & designmadeinjapan]


“I taught my dog and cat both how to fistbump!”


You can teach a dog to fistbump. It appears that you cannot actually teach a cat to do so.

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No big deal just an animated GIF of a unicorn riding a rainbow

unicorn_riding_rainbow_by_k_rui-d3lmuln By Deviantartist k-rui.

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UPDATE: The source, via Drew Olanoff.

A supercut of various cute animals sneezing all of the sneezes

Not sure why this is so cute or entertaining, but it's very much both.

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10 wonderful GIFs by Argentinean animator and GIF artist Kidmograph


Gustavo Torres, aka Kidmograph, has been creating some wonderful work that hearkens back to early 1980s aesthetics: VR 1.0, VHS, arcade games, rainbows, neon, and big fat beige computer workstations.

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The dazzling GIF art of SPYROGIF

tumblr_npuv4zGBTf1smqdb1o3_400 tumblr_npph21BUzW1smqdb1o1_400

One of the great GIF maestros of our time.

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62 years of Congressional cooperation in a single gif


NPR’s Science Tumblr Skunk Bear created this cool data visualization based on a study of the rise of partisanship in the U.S. House of Representatives:

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Cool gifs reveal the orbital period of each planet


NPR’s Science Tumblr “Skunk Bear” shared these awesome gifs that demonstrate how long it takes each planet in our solar system to travel around the sun

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Historic photographs transformed into surreal animated GIFs by Nicolas Monterrat


The GIF works of Nicolas Monterrat, who uses vintage photographs as a base for his unsettling, trippy, subtle little animations.

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5 strangely comforting gifs


Some days are harder than others. And on the harder days, you need GIFs.

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Nerdy status-badges for kids

Isiah Saxon made a set of amazing badges for DIY, a program to teach kids skills.

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Beautiful minimalist GIFs by Teo Wollrabe


Here are some of the wonderful GIF-works you can find on the tumblog of artist Teo Wollrabe, 21, of Portland, Oregon.

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