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D20 ice-molds

Thinkgeek sells a set of silicone D20 ice-molds for $12. I've never had good luck with two-part molds, but that product-shot is pretty spectacular, and the documentation makes reference to an ingenious-sounding interlock system that has you freezing the bottom half of the mold, locking the top on, filling it up and refreezing. If that works for you, you can also get a Death Star ice-mold.

Critical Hit d20 Ice Mold (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Own a near-full-size Chairy from Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Zack writes, "Ever wanted to turn your house into Pee Wee's Playhouse? Well, here's the closest you'll ever get -- a fan is selling the remnants of a J.C. Penney's department store display from the short-lived Pee Wee clothing line that includes a life-sized Chairy, an almost-life-sized Pee Wee, and cardboard panels recreating the look of the playhouse and Pee Wee's friends." The bidding's at $975 at the time of writing.

It's amazing how well those old Pee-Wee's Playhouse videos stand up. I've been re-watching the DVDs with my nearly-six-year-old this month and we're both really enjoying them. Alas, the DVDs have gone through the roof: $1400 for the boxed set (!), seasons 1-2 for $63 -- though the seasons 3-5 set is only $12.24.

Large oversized JC Penny store Display PEE WEE HERMAN 1980's I Might Ship (Thanks, Zack!)

Nintendo cartridge soap

These "game-scented" soaps shaped like SNES cartridges are £13, available for pre-order now for 2014 delivery. They come in a replica dust-cover, are suitable for (dirty) vegans, and celebrate the following games: Donkey Kong Country; Street Fighter II Turbo; Super Mario Kart; and The Legend of Zelda.

Super Nintendo Gamer Soap Cartridges (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Giant cat sofa

From "Habitat," a 2010 installation in the Luchtbal district of Antwerp, UNFOLD's "Felis Domesticus." It's a 3.5 meter soft sculpture of a sleeping cat that visitors can lounge upon (finally, the lap-sitting tables are turned!). Pity this never went into production as a piece of furniture; it'd make a fabulous beanbag alternative.

Habitat: Felis Domesticus (via Geekologie)

Skull armchair

Here's Harow's polygonal skull armchair, which does a pretty good job of hiding the skull from the front, making it just the thing for supervillains with a need for furnishings that work when on the job or taking a break. Price on demand, which probably means, if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

HAROW - Fauteuil Crâne (via Laughing Squid)

Death Star wall tiles

Custom design specialists Tom Spina Designs created these Death Star wall-tiles for a Star Wars themed home theater project. There are 14 master tiles, 12" x 12", and they're 3-4" deep, with fine-grained detail. When applied to the wall, they were given different finishes, to create a finished product that looks infinitely varied. No word on whether you can buy more tiles from the company, but they'd sure liven up any room.

Custom Home Theater Decor - Death Star Inspired Wall Tiles (via JWZ)

Star Trek transporter room shower-curtain and bathmat

Thinkgeek's Star Trek Transporter Room Bath Mat & Shower Curtain Set turns your bathroom into my favorite set from Star Trek. The shower-curtain is cute, but combined with the bathmat, it nails it. $50.

Star Trek Transporter Room Bath Mat & Shower Curtain Set (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Cthulhu Christmas ornament

Jason McKittrick writes, "A Cthulhu Christmas ornament for those who wish to celebrate the solstice in a more eldritch fashion! This cyclopean adornment depicts Great Cthulhu squeezing his massive tentacled form through the hieroglyphic covered door of his ancient stone tomb in R'lyeh and will add the necessary touch of madness to your holiday tree. Each Cthulhu Yuletide Ornament is hand cast in solid resin and comes ready to hang with a black satin ribbon. Signed and numbered by artist Jason McKittrick."

Cthulhu Yuletide Ornament (Thanks, Jason!)

Retractable bed hides in the rafters

Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser hired designer Funn Roberts to create a bed that retracts into the rafters of his compact home when it's not in use. I wish they showed the mechanism in more detail -- I can't tell if it's using counterweights or motors or some other means to make hoisting the bed easier. I once built a bed-frame that hung on ropes from the crossbeams of the warehouse I was renting; it rocked gently, like a hammock, and I loved it. But I never quite figured out how to retract it into the flies when it wasn't in use.

Adjustable Bed Compact House [Fubiz] (via Neatorama)

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Reading net creates a kids' level in a library

Spain's Playoffice -- a design firm focused on kid-centric designs -- conceived of the "reading net" as a way of transforming "a traditional family library into a fun place for kids." It looks amazing.

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Mid-Century Modern Ikea mod

Fred in Rennes, France demonstrates his simple, effective Ikea mod to convert a trio of Ulsberg tables into a mid-century modern side-table: "You take 3 Ulsberg table and you cut the table leg. 3 colors with aerosol paint under the top and that's it."

Table from the fifties

Mitt Romney's bookcase-concealed secret room

Mitt Romney is building a new family manse in Salt Lake City, and it includes a hidden room that you access via a swinging bookcase.

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Kickstarting a "Sugar skull spoon"

The Sugar Skull Spoon finally provides a good reason to dip your wet spoon into the sugar-bowl (yuck). Their kickstarter is fully funded, but there's still time to get one for £8. It comes from London's Hundred Million, who have a good track record for successfully shipping, so there's probably a good chance you'll get what you pay for here.

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Housewares reproduced in nylon fabric

Here's a selection of sculptural recreations of common household objects made from polyester fabric. They're part of Do-Ho Suh's "Specimen Series," which is showing at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery in Hong Kong. The set includes replicas of his home bathtub, toilet, medicine cabinet, radiator, refrigerator, and kitchen stove.

Specimen Series by Do-Ho Suh at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in Hong Kong | URDesign Magazine (via Crazy Abalone)

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Table made of a floating matrix of wooden blocks with embedded magnets

The Float Table uses a 3D matrix of wooden blocks with embedded strong magnets, tethered to one another, to made a piece of furniture that's awesomely wobbly, in an impractical, drinks-all-over-the-carpet way.

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