Kickstarting a metal, reusable, self-extracting straw

The "Final Straw" is a cleverly named, cleverly engineered reusable drinking straw that folds down into a package small enough to use as a keyfob (including a little squeegee for cleaning the straw after use).

The straws self-extract into an unfolded state, and break down easily to be re-stowed. They're $20 for one, with quantity breaks: $70 for 4, $100 for 5, $1600 for 100 (!).

The team has excellent scientific and environmental credentials and some relevant engineering expertise, but does not list much relevant manufacturing expertise; they've sold to over 16,000 customers to date, which poses a formidable manufacturing and fulfillment challenge, so be aware that there's a risk of late/no delivery (as with all crowdfunders).

FinalStraw, the world's first collapsible, reusable straw [Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper/Kickstarter]

(via Red Ferret)