Astronomea: a gorgeous, handmade, astronomy inspired desk lamp

Art Donovan (previously) writes, "Delivered. A very special design commission for the Project Director of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. A 'white glove' delivery, in fact. The first lamp in 28 years that I simply could not trust to survive the
ravages of FedEx."

It took a while to complete, as it grew more ambitious by the week. I went,
"O.G" for the design- "Original Galileo", using his telescopes first three
astronomical targets as visual influence: The Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. At
the outset, the Director suggested I use the newly discovered 'Trappist-1
System of Exoplanets' as inspiration. But there was no visual image
available that I could use to base the overall design upon…

So Vintage Astronomy I went.

"Astronomea" has two optional domes: One in white for ambient light at his
desk at Goddard/NASA and one with a rear-pained "Jupiter" for when he's in
an "astronomical" mood. The tapered maple base reflects the shape of the
Harvard "Great Refractor" Telescope commissioned in 1847-the very first
telescope commisioned by the U.S. government.. The task lamp has a diffuser
inspired by the barn doors on observatory domes. The arc with brass markers
reminiscent of navigational sextants. Hand painted Jupiter, Moon and Saturn
rings with custom brass dimmer knobs. All in, the lamp has the look of a
small scale astronomical device from the 19th century.

"Astronomea" The first of 5 new illuminated designs with a vintage, science-y influence. [Art Donovan]