Deep sea squid drama

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Dead squid can have sex with your mouth, and it hurts

Daily Grail posted this nightmarish excerpt from the 2014 book Preparing the Ghost, by Matthew Gavin Frank.

Squid corpses, even when cooked, retain their sexual reflexes and have been known to inseminate our mouths. After eating calamari...a South Korean woman reported experiencing "severe pain" and a "pricking foreign-body sensation" in her mouth. From her tongue, inner cheeks, gums, throat, her doctor exscised "twelve small, white, spindle-shaped, bug-like organisms." These were spermatophores, which possess seriously tenacious ejaculatory apparati, and a cementlike body, which allows for their attachment to materials like the tongue, inner cheeks, gums...
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Watch the otherworldly beauty of a squid giving birth

"Born Like Stars" (2011) by Brent Hoff. Read the rest

Squid ring

Joshua sez, "I've been nagging my wife (a jeweler; you posted her sci-fi wedding rings a few years ago) to make a squid ring for years. She finally did it. Sort of art nouveau meets Jules Verne. It's hand carved from wax and cast into 18k gold. The prototype is mine, but the design's also on Etsy."

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