"The Stewardesses" in 3D

Retro 3D porno "The Stewardesses" is set for theatrical re-release later this year. I wasn't alive when it first came out in 1969, but I'm looking forward to seeing it this time around — even if I will have to wear the silly glasses.

Link to Fleshbot post with links to stills and release dates. Contains nudity and industrial-strength kitsch.

Reader comment: Mike Ransom says:

I WAS around when "The Stewardesses" opened in Tulsa in 1970 at the Continental Theatre, and did get to see it while at college in 1974: Link. The glasses required for this movie were polarized, not anaglyphic.
Some of the 3D was really good, such as when a micro-miniskirted girl leaned over a pool table to make her shot. The cue jabbed directly into the lenses, creating a startling sensation. You can get free anaglyphic glasses with a self-addressed, stamped envelope here: Link. But this outfit also offers Pulfrich effect glasses. They produce a 3D effect watching regular TV, especially sporting events like skiing, racing, etc. One lens is clear, the other is gray. As a result, your brain processes the gray image more slowly (the Pulfrich effect), which results in a parallax between left and right eyes. It really, really works, as Ronco used to say.